About Us

MDM Tech’s Methodology

Once the objectives are set, our team starts by conducting initial reconnaissance. We leverage a combination of proprietary intelligence repositories as well as open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques to perform reconnaissance of the target environment.
MDM Tech attempts to gain initial access to the target environment by exploiting vulnerabilities and/or conducting a social engineering attack. MDM Tech leverages techniques used by real-world attackers to gain privileged access to these systems. Once initial access is gained, our team attempts to escalate privileges to establish and maintain persistence within the environment by deploying a Command & Control (C&C) infrastructure, just like an attacker would.
After persistence and C&C systems are established within the environment, our team attempts to accomplish its objectives through any non-disruptive means necessary. Lastly, our team then drafts a report of the findings and makes recommendations to the client on how to better safeguard the client’s IT assets.

HIA! Digital Network

We do not believe that it is in our clients’ best interests for us to attempt to be all things to our clients. Therefore, we have established key alliance relationships with a broad spectrum of other service providers through the HIA! Network, so that we are always able to bring the right skills to the task at hand.
The core business value of both MDM Technologies and our partners is Integrity. We believe that doing the right thing for our clients in the short term will benefit everyone in the long term.