Real-Time Monitoring


  • Recognize vulnerabilities that influence your system infrastructure and applications.
  • Receive one, consolidated view of your vulnerability data. Integrate into numerous industry-leading scanning technologies.
  • Organize, prioritise, and advise relevant teams of threats.
  • View, track and report on vulnerability indicators in a variety of user-friendly formats. In different user-friendly formats scan, track and report on vulnerability indicators.
  • Monitor your risk levels and manage team performance continuously.
  • Engage all your user communities at no extra cost.
  • Affordable subscription-based pricing


Real-time Monitoring, in other words, One Vulnerability Manager (OVM) Dashboard, provides a non-technical general overview of the vulnerabilities located in one, consolidated view of your vulnerability data. It is a great tool to provide managers with oversight in order to continuously monitor your risk levels and manage team performance and can be highly customised with various widgets on offer. An industry-leading vulnerability scanner called Nessus scans for the vulnerabilities located within the organisation. Our OVM software aggregates the data into an easy to view, categorized, easy to understand dataset. 

OVM Inclusions

  1. Vulnerability Assignment Assign:
  2. Assign a vulnerability to a site, department or user for remediation.
  3. Notification Rules:
  4. Setup notification rules that automatically notifies relevant departments and/or users when a new vulnerability has been located or an old vulnerability has not been remediated.
  5. Reporting:
  6. Export executive summary or technical reports – which can be customised by easy to use filters.
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